Filter Media Consulting and Advisory Services for Associations and Organizations Whose Members use Filter Media, Filter Bags or Liquid Filter Cloths

Filter Media Services, LLC can provide a unique service to members of your trade group or organization that employ filters. Take advantage of extensive insight to help your members with:

  • Training in various aspects of filter media from very basic to very technical
  • Maintenance procedures for dust collectors
  • Bag and filter cloth design, manufacturing, quality and installation
  • Specifying filter media, filter bags and filter cloths for new equipment, QR's and PO's
  • Analysis of process changes, product changes or raw materials as it would impact filtration equipment and filter media
  • Setting up an incoming QC program for bags, cloths and filter media
  • Failed bag, cloth or filter media analysis
  • Filter media training sessions for annual meetings, trade shows, association events
  • Custom projects to meet other organizational needs

filter media rolls