Filter Expert/ Filtration Experts: Consulting and Advisory Services for Fabric Filter and Liquid Filter Cloth Producers

As filtration experts, Filter Media Services, LLC can provide highly-focused services to help companies which manufacture fabric filter and liquid filter cloth products. Let a filter expert help you:

  • Develop and train for establishment of a liquid filtration product line.
  • Set up a focused telemarketing program.
  • Subcontract a focused telemarketing program for special or one-time projects, products, technologies or research.
  • Advise and negotiate in developing a relationship with a foreign filter media or converted filter product manufacturer.
  • Train sales staff or manufacturers' representatives in products, processes, markets, filter media, bag and cloth design and construction or any other area of specific interest and importance. Also travel with same individuals to reinforce and monitor "classroom" training.
  • Develop presentations for sales programs, new products, new services or technologies.
  • Spearhead web site development, modernization and/or upgrades to improve visibility, enhance response and improve ranking in major search engine sites.
  • Create, modernize, or upgrade stationery, logos, brochures and public image items.
  • Perform audits of warehousing, material handling, manufacturing and shipping activities as well as inside sales, order entry, purchasing and other administrative functions. Report finding and provide recommendations for improvements with payback in efficiencies or manpower.
  • Design and implement inventory and end product part numbering systems for ease of use, retrieval of information and computer compatibility.
  • Establish a plan for a maintenance services operation and implement.
  • Set up an in-house testing laboratory capable of evaluating used or failed filter media, performing QC and incoming material inspection functions while providing the necessary formats and reports to support the sales and manufacturing operations.
  • Benefit from a filter expert for custom projects to meet other internal or external corporate needs.

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