Filter Consultant and Advisory Services for Non-U.S. Based Filter Media, Filter Bag, Filter Cloth or Filtration Equipment Suppliers

Filter Media Services, LLC can help companies based outside the United States to enter or expand in the American filtration market. As a filter consultant, our extensive filter industry knowledge permits us to prepare and implement actionable plans quickly and effectively.

  • Market Surveys for your company's specific product potential in the U.S.
  • Product Analysis for marketability in North American markets
  • Introductions to potential customers, partners or sales agents
  • Sales Training of agents and representatives
  • Trade show management, advice and booth maintenance.
  • Locate or set up sales offices, warehouse or manufacturing sites
  • Sales representation, promotional programs, sales distribution and warehousing
  • Assist your company in understanding and functioning in the U.S. market, including duties and tariffs, sales techniques, customs and attitude of buyers, shipping and packaging requirements and other procedural issues.
  • Custom programs and projects as needed.

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