Filter Experts: Consulting and Advisory Services for End Users* of Fabric Filter Bags, Liquid Filter Cloths and Industrial Textiles

As filter experts, Filter Media Services, LLC can provide specialized insight to companies that employ fabric filter bags and other industrial textiles in their process. Let a filtration expert help you with:

  • Group training for filter media used in dust collection and liquid filtration, maintenance procedures, fabric filter operation.
  • Establish specifications for purchasing, inspecting, using or documenting filters, wet or dry.
  • Establish an incoming QA program for filter media, dust bags, liquid filter cloths cages and maintenance services; vendor qualification and monitoring.
  • Failed dust bag, liquid filter cloth and filter media analysis and recommendations.
  • Technical support and recommendations for new products or new processes which might effect fabric filters and/or liquid filter cloths.
  • Custom projects to meet other internal or external corporate needs.

* Also includes industry trade or other organizations whose members use filter media, fabric filter bags and liquid filter cloths.

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